We believe that marketers should be business leaders. 

That is why our strength comes from our people. We hire and train current and future business leaders. Each person has a unique lens and a sharp understanding of the business language. So that we can help you represent your craft in your boardroom.

Our Team

Mo Dezyanian

Mo Dezyanian


“I was the kid who skipped cartoons to watch the commercials, so my passion for the industry runs deep. After a career producing results for brands like Nike, Popeyes, BMO, Mattel, Oxfam Canada, Royal Conservatory of Music and many more, I founded Empathy Inc. My enjoyment of giving back to the industry and fostering new talent had also led me to the development of CMA’s Chartered Marketer Media Elective and teaching media at various colleges. In my spare time, I enjoy writing, preferably with an actual pen, on actual paper!”

Vittoria Natarelli

Michael Navarro

Media and Strategy Director

It all started with achieving an MBA degree while adapting to new changes from digital ad tech solutions to media marketing, where today’s trends are tomorrow’s old strategies. However, when the tie is off at the end of the day, you will most likely find me on the weekend enjoying the comforts of a Lord of the Rings movie, cheering my favourite NBA team or playing online video games with friends through a gaming portal. Growing up, I’ve always learned that having a good work-life balance can make a difference, especially if that becomes the fabric of your team’s bi-product or the cultural blueprint.”

“Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change” – Stephen Hawking.



Jacqui Butterworth

Jacqui Butterworth

Media Strategist

“I find the ‘sweet spot’ between research and gut feel to develop a media strategy that delivers on client’s objectives. I then share that vision with our media partners to bring it to life.”

Tania Hemdev

Tania Hemdev

Associate Media Buyer

“A Media Buyer by profession and a Video Creator by passion. I love telling my experiences through vlogs and spend most of my time outside work, building my YouTube channel which now is a family of 52K.”

Giuliana Bandiera

Samrudhi Save

Media Coordinator

Tania Hemdev

Amy Tran

Social Media Writer

“Social media content writer by day- casual video game streamer by night. Whether it be writing, gaming, architecture, or even consuming half my weight in ice- cream, I simply love being able to put my passions into practice everyday.”