Opportunity in a Crisis: Canadians Upgrade their Education

COVID-19 has accelerated multiple years of change into a single year in the education sector. More than a year into the pandemic:
  • Online classes have become more available
  • Job satisfaction has dropped
  • Middle class disposable income has increased
What does that mean for Canadian Universities and college? How should they adjust their marketing to speak to the Canadians who are storming to upskill and re-skill? Our latest research answers some of the most pressing questions on the topic.

Breaking the CMO-CFO Language Barrier

Determining marketing budgets is one of the most critical tasks of the CMO. It brings them closer to the CFO than at any other time in the business cycle.
But there can be tension between marketing and finance.
To uncover how these roles work together, we’ve asked Canadian CMOs and CFOs about their budget-setting practices.
Find out the top 5 things to consider when setting, justifying, and approving marketing budgets this season.